9 Exciting Social Media Trends For 2022: From Social Video to Content Remixing

il y a 4 mois 280

There’s no avoiding it – our love of scrolling and swiping is here to stay! Social media provides brands with an opportunity to connect with audiences around the world and provides creators with plenty of fertile ground for making their content stand out. 

At the same time, social media has become a key marketing channel that – when used correctly – cuts through the online clutter and captures audiences’ attention in a way traditional forms of advertising often fail to. 

To help you make the most of these hugely persuasive platforms, we’ve compiled a collection of social media trends that are set to shape the online landscape over the next 12 months – from social commerce to content remixing. 

  1. Social Video Continues to Dominate
  2. New Features Enable Online Events
  3. Platforms Double Down on the Creator Economy
  4. Social Commerce Explodes
  5. Lighthearted & Humorous Content Takes Over
  6. Brands Show Increased Social Awareness & Accountability
  7. Nostalgic Aesthetics
  8. Content Remixing
  9. Monochromatic Product Photography

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