How to Use Photoshop to Create Award-Winning Digital Art with Zacktic

il y a 4 mois 398

Digital artist and Instagram creator Zacktic has a talent for transporting his viewers to another world with his bewitching, mystical artworks. His incredible photo manipulations often feature surreal concepts and vibrant colours, while weaving together the threads of reality and imagination to create something truly out of this world.

Since first experimenting with photo manipulation during the global pandemic, the 22-year-old self-taught artist from India has already grown into a Photoshop expert – winning Envato’s first Made With Envato competition and reaching millions of people via Instagram with his magical creations. We had a chat with Zacktic to find out what makes him tick, and learn how he created this incredible artwork, “Portal to the Other World”, using Envato Elements… 

What’s your artistic background? How did you get into digital art?

I started photo editing as a hobby; I never imagined I would get this far. During the pandemic when we were all locked up in our houses, I started watching tutorials on YouTube about photo manipulation. There I found BennyProductions and PhaseRunner, who both use Photoshop to create some amazing concept art. I was so inspired by them but also wanted to do something unique, so I started creating religious concept art and posting it on Instagram – and people loved it. I get a lot of DMs on Instagram from people who like what I do and are inspired by my work, which, I believe, is the biggest achievement you can accomplish as an artist. 

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